How To Remove Headphone Symbol In Jio Phone In A Few Easy Steps

Jio phone is one of the most used phone in India. It is because people in villages get used to this phone as it is a featured phone and is very cheap and is also 4G compatible. It comes pre-bundled with the company’s suite of applications which include JioCinema, JioTV, JioMusic, and other such tools with a massive library of addictive content. Due to this reason, the phone has become highly popular among the masses.

However day to day a lot of problems can be seen in this phone. And today we are a solving a new problem that is the headphone jack. This is a very common problem. Even if we don't use headphone we can see the headphone symbol.When a headphone symbol is stuck in your Jio phone's notification bar, your phone would start functioning as if a headphone is actually plugged in the audio jack, even when it isn’t. Here are some difficulties you may face:
  • You will have to enable your Jio phone's loudspeaker every time you’re on a call.
  • You won’t be able to hear your phone’s ringtone for incoming calls.
  • Your volume settings wouldn’t work while accessing services like JioCinema, JioMusic and the likes because your phone will function as if a headphone has been plugged into the headphone jack and not a phone speaker.

Clean your phone's headphone jack

An issue with the headphone symbol could be a result of some dirt getting accumulated in your Jio phone's audio jack. To fix the issue, you simply need to unplug the headphone and clean the headphone jack with cotton or an earbud. Make sure that you don't use a sharp object or a pointed tweezer to avoid any damage. You can also use a precision screwdriver or a SIM Ejector Tool. Once cleaned, you can plug the headphone and check if the issue has been fixed. This is the easiest trick which mostly resolves the problem.

                                                                                                                                             Credits:- WikiHow

Phone reset

If you're still having a problem getting rid of the headphone icon, you may try resetting your Jio Phone, however, it is very less likely that this may resolve the issue. This is because it's mostly a hardware issue, and it is best that you get it fixed from an authorized service centre.

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