Reliance Jio & Facebook differ on key issues

As we know Facebook has owned 9.9% stake in Reliance Jio. But Facebook can be sparring itself as both the companies collect data at a different manner. The American social media company, which is paying $5.7 billion for a minority stake in the digital arm of India’s largest conglomerate, has opposed the Centre’s demand that data of Indians be stored locally. Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, on the other hand, has been unequivocal that data of citizens must be controlled and owned by Indians, and not foreign corporations.

Last year Jio reported to TRAI that it will give all the access to the data with the decryption keys to the Governmental enforcement authorities. However Facebook has been fighting against this topic for his prominent market leader social app Whatsapp. 

Facebook said the intent of its collaboration with Jio Platforms is to enable new opportunities for the millions of micro and small businesses in India. “We will continue to have independent views on a number of topics,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an emailed response.Last year, without specifically mentioning WhatsApp, Reliance Jio had told the government that many companies were employing end-to-end encryption under the guise of providing better security to users, and India must enable traceability on encrypted platforms. WhatsApp has resisted the government’s demand on traceability for two years now.

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