JioChat, Is it a whatsapp clone

As we all know Jio is the biggest telecom operator in India and in last months it has been collected a lot of funds from the biggest fund houses and companies all over the world. After this major funding event, Jio is focusing on making its app better and on this way Jio had released Jio meet last week and now they have launched a new version of Jio chat.

But a lot of allegations from the public is there that the Jio Meet was a copy of Zoom and now the new version of Jio Chat looks like an copy of the Whatsapp. While JioMeet was a picture-perfect copy of Zoom, the redesigned JioChat app is a little more forgiving — it only mirrors the tabbed home screen and the unmistakable green shade of WhatsApp.

 the top menu tabs look basically identical on both apps, including the camera icon and the app name towards the left along with the ellipsis dropdown menu on the right. Jio’s version also has an extra Channels tab that lists a bunch of branded accounts for its users to follow.The investment spree we were talking about earlier was, in fact, kicked off by Facebook, which happens to own the messaging platform WhatsApp. The social media giant invested $5.7 billion in Jio back in April for close to a 10-percent stake in the carrier’s various businesses. Despite that, accusing Facebook of "allowing" or having a role to play in Jio’s latest cloning job is a little far-fetched.

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